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Sky Domes at Clear Sky Resorts Bryce Canyon

Why Sky Domes?

Inspired by parents who introduced them to travel at a young age, the creators of Clear Sky Resorts developed a deep love of the great outdoors on family trips experiencing the grandeur of America’s national and state parks. Fond memories of their fun childhood vacations led to the development of a new brand of vacation destination, committed to creating one-of-a-kind experiences by combining unique accommodations at the country’s most special places.

To do that, they had to first create spaces that offered all the comforts of a modern hotel room while simultaneously giving the feeling of camping outdoors under a canopy of stars. Dark night starry skies inspire wonder and awe but the opportunity to visualize the vastness of the universe is becoming rare as the growth of light pollution steals the stars from the skies. Dark sky reserves and parks, the majority located in or near national and state parks, offer unprecedented dark starry sky experiences and are the very special places where you will find our resorts.

About Our Sky Domes

Our Sky Domes are as comfortable as they are unique. Guests at our resort near Grand Canyon awaken to spectacular sunrises at full volume through clear PVC canvas panoramic windows.  Guests at our resort near Bryce Canyon soak in the stunning scenery whether indoors or out through floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass.

Geodesic Sky Domes are spherical structures constructed with a network of triangles. At our Grand Canyon resort the triangles are covered with PVC canvas and at our Bryce Canyon resort, the triangles are dual-pane low-e glass. The triangles create a self-supporting framework that provides structural strength using the least possible amount of material.

Sky Domes are comfortably climate controlled with an efficient HVAC system. Energy efficient because the ambient air flow inside is continuous with no air stagnation in corners, they require less energy to circulate air and maintain even temperatures.

Sky Domes at Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon




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